I am beyond blessed to be here with all of you! I started this community for so many reasons but the main one is to bring an amazing group of women together to support one another!


Our Story…

When I began my self-employed journey over 6 years ago, this was my goal. My goal to help women. To help them step into the path they have dreamt to be on. To help them discover dreams they never knew they had. To help become the women the aspired to be. I was not sure how but all I did know was that was my end goal.

In my career I had spent so much time searching, searching for the right course, the right person to hire, the right resource. I was not sure where to go to get the answers I needed, the services I wanted, and the resources to learn from. I spent hours googling, watching youtube videos, and reaching out in Facebook groups. I was in a constant state of overwhelm.

At the same time in my business, I felt so uncertain, uncertain about my next step, the path I should be on. I was thriving in my business but at the same time it felt off it didn’t feel like me, I didn’t feel authentic. I was designing websites and working with amazing women growing their business and taking them to the next level while I was feeling stuck. I had no idea how I wanted to scale up.

After about 6 months of living in the complete panic of what to do with my life an idea sparked inside me. A community that brought women in business together collectively to learn, grow, and expand their business. A community where you can come for inspiration and motivation, Where you can come to expand your team, or learn a develop. That’s when Creative Her Collective was born!


Who we are…

Creative HER Collective is designed to bring female business owners together collectively to inspire growth within our selves and our businesses. We firmly believe in community over competition. Instead of finishing first, we focus on working together, collaborating, creating, and inspiring one another to be the best form of ourselves. Together we have the support to reach any goal we could dream of.


How we want to help…

Creative HER collective is a free resource for women based businesses looking to grow! Our readers have access to free business resources, the ability to grow their team by having free access to our membership business directory, as well as the services they provide, courses and freebies they offer, and contact information to be able to grow their team. Our goal is to be able to provide our readers with all the resources they may need for their business all in one area!

We also have developed a membership program for women are striving to build their business, network with likewise individuals, and support one another to reach their goals. Each member will be listed in our business directory to promote and share their business information, services, links to their website and social media with our readers. In addition to our business directory, you will also be able to promote your course, learning materials and freebies. We want a collective space for our readers to be able to find the perfect match for their team. The hopes of this membership program is to be a place of community, promotion, and support. A place where you can reach potential clients, sell courses and learning material, drive traffic to your media outlets, learn and connect with other women in business.

We are so excited for this adventure. I am so happy you have found us and I cannot wait t know more about your story!

Amanda | XO